On 15th October 2018, EWPN will hold Dinner & Awards event in Amsterdam.


These awards will be given to organisations and individuals who continue to make positive contributions in the industry and push for female leadership, diversity and inclusion.


EWPN Awards are divided into two:

Organisations that have embraced and continue to push for diversity including senior management & executive Level

Organisations in the industry continue to strive for more diversity and inclusion. Even though the number of women on senior management and executive level continues to be extremely low in financial industry, some organisations are putting a lot of effort to bridge this gap. EWPN Awards will recognise such organisations that can demonstrate their commitment and actions to promote, encourage and implement more diversity and inclusion within their organisations

Individuals (women) making tremendous contributions to the industry.

There are multiple women making tremendous contribution to the Payments industry. Women who drive innovation, performance, leadership, promote diversity, and act as the voice and inspiration to fellow women. EWPN appreciates such women and through EWPN awards, we aspire to recognise and appreciate such industry leaders.


See more details on Awards Criteria.